When Not to FBA: 5 Quick Strategies for Improving Behavior in the Classroom

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It’s not unusual for both educators and behavioral consultants to gravitate toward Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) when consistent behavioral challenges arise. These conventional approaches, though rooted in comprehensive analysis, can demand considerable time and effort, stretching the capacities of both consultants and teachers, often without yielding the anticipated results. This course challenges this traditional trajectory, introducing a paradigm shift by advocating for five practical, evidence-based strategies that promise a broader impact across an entire classroom. At the heart of this course is the principle of empowering educators to proactively address behavioral challenges. 

This course not only aims to simplify the behavioral improvement process but also to create a more sustainable teaching environment where positive behaviors flourish across classrooms. By focusing on Tier I and II strategies that are both easily implemented and effective, the course alleviates the exhaustive demands placed on behavioral consultants and educators, paving the way for more focused, efficient, and fruitful behavioral interventions. For those in the educational and behavioral fields who are frustrated by traditional approaches and seeking to streamline their efforts to achieve meaningful, widespread behavioral enhancements, this course offers a compelling blueprint for immediate positive improvement.

Please note: This course contains both instructional videos, but also requires you to conduct several brief classroom observations that will help you determine which of these interventions are appropriate for the settings you’re consulting to.

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