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Behavioral Consulting Made Easy with Behavioral Toolbox


There are many behavior specialists, school psychologists, BCBA’s and other professionals who serve at some level as a behavioral consultant across schools. Well-intended, they are doing their very best to combat the rapidly growing behavioral challenges.

But they are struggling. Badly...

And because the word behavior is associated with their role, there is almost a universal expectation that they will work one-on-one with a student to "fix" their behavior.

While this model can be successful, it usually doesn’t align with their role and is virtually impossible for the behavioral consultant who works across a number of classrooms and schools. So this leads to frustration on the part of both the behavioral consultant and the good educators who just want help.

If this scenario resonates with you, you need the Behavioral Toolbox, the go-to coursework for those whose job it is to support behavioral improvement.

The behavioral toolbox, grounded in Organizational Behavior Management, or OBM for short, equips those charged with supporting behavior change in schools with practical applications of the science of human behavior for making a positive difference in the workplace. In this case, the classroom and school!

We must all remember this universal truth:

If we are going to bring out the best in the students, we must bring out the best in the educators.

And this is where OBM comes in.

Those who take the coursework will be provided with a structured consulting approach and a number of OBM tools for improving performance and behavior at the individual, classroom, and school level. 

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What People Think

It’s applied to what we do daily!

Margaret B.

Very applicable to my everyday work.

Verona T.

Very informative and relatable to everyone! Any profession can use this to increase job satisfaction and more.

Maria D.

The activities really got me thinking about things that are happening every day and how I can reframe and reflect.

Arial S.

Loved how it was applicable to school consultants. It’s hard to find school-based things that are run by BCBAs that understand the struggles and have feedback and ideas on how to help without sounding like a BCBA ethics robot.

Juan C.

I Ioved all parts of this course and wish we had this earlier in the school year. This training has tools that can be used right away within the classroom setting which is amazing!

Mike N.

Engaging and energetic, explained content well and related it with relevant examples.

Sofia S.

Going through this course felt almost like therapy!

Wayne B.

Make me think differently about my work. I feel inspired!

Janet M.

This was the best course ever! Not like the boring ones I’ve taken in the past.

Olivia V.