The Behavioral Toolbox Customized Training and Coaching

It is our contention that good behavior analysts help schools, great behavior analysts help schools help themselves, but the best behavior analysts spread the practical use of the science of human behavior to achieve positive outcomes. As champions of behavior science, we pride ourselves in building capacity with those we support through training instructionally designed to increase engagement and learning and coaching to support the transference of newly acquired skills into the natural environment.

Our training and coaching are offered in person or remotely and customized to meet the needs of your school or district. In addition, we offer train-the-trainer models for select programs.

Typical outcomes linked to our training and coaching services include:

Deliberate Coaching

We know that training is concerned with skill acquisition.  But even the best training is not enough to get skills taught to transfer into the school and classroom environment.  This requires Deliberate Coaching, a process rooted in organizational behavior science for making a positive difference at the individual, classroom, school, and district levels. The result is accurate and sustainable performance within the classroom and school setting. 

This customized workshop, best on the best-selling book Deliberate Coaching:  A Toolbox for Accelerating Teacher Performance, equips behavioral professionals and school leaders with the behavioral tools for accelerating performance and achieving meaningful behavioral outcomes.

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Behavioral Responder Training

Behavioral problems may continue to escalate in the classroom, even after faculty and staff have tried other behavioral interventions. In these situations, they may need to request assistance from an administrator or designee outside of the classroom. 

The Behavior Responder Training is intended to equip schools with a systematic approach for both responding to office-managed behavior and reducing out-of-class time-outs, detentions, and suspensions. The result: avoidance of the “Ditch to Disney” syndrome and a real capacity for systematically improving behavioral issues.

Acceptance Commitment Matrix Training 

If a primary goal of education is to increase student achievement, then students’ growing “social-emotional” needs should be addressed. While increasing the number of mental health professionals to support the growing needs of students and educators might be tempting, it isn’t practical given that there is already a shortage. We need to equip educational professionals with practical tools they can effectively put into the hands of both students and educators that will help them better self-assess, problem-solve, make decisions, take actions, and engage in behavior that aligns with their values. And that tool is the ACT Matrix.   The ACT Matrix can be used immediately to begin addressing mental health issues and related outcomes in schools. And it’s not just for the students. It is also usable for classroom leaders, school leaders, and district leaders as a value-driven goal-setting tool for addressing and overcoming both internal and external obstacles.

A Toolbox for Accelerating Teacher Performance, equips behavioral professionals and school leaders with the behavioral tools for accelerating performance and achieving meaningful behavioral outcomes.

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This workshop will provide


Quick Wins! Using Behavior Science to Accelerate and Sustain School Improvement

School leaders wishing to launch new initiatives, or any large-scale change, can gain buy-in and momentum by choosing to initially focus on areas that are visible, require relatively little effort, and have a valued outcome for stakeholders. In short, Quick Wins. But that is only a part of the formula. While getting buy-in and building momentum are critical, sustaining the behavior of the stakeholders required to achieve goals is fundamental to lasting success. In the end, it all comes back to behavior: the behavior of the students, faculty, staff, and school leaders. Based on the best-selling book Quick Wins!  school leaders and those tasked with school improvement will learn how to leverage behavioral science to bring out the best in educators.

Our training and coaching are offered in person or remotely and customized to meet the needs of your school or district. In addition, we offer train-the-trainer models for select programs.

QUICK Responses: A Behavior Toolbox for Classroom Leaders

Most teachers receive little to no training in behavior or classroom management. This is shocking given that most educators leaving the field commonly cite issues with misbehavior as one of the primary reasons. They shouldn’t be put in a position where they are trying to figure out how to deal with behavioral issues through trial and error. This is ineffective and inefficient. They deserve better. 

This training, based on the best-selling book QUICK Responses, was developed by behavior analysts and educators who have a collective 80-plus years of experience in education. Grounded in the science of human behavior, this training teaches behavioral principles for effectively preventing and managing student behavior within the classroom.

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5 things you should never do when observing a classroom

Find out 5 things you should never do when observing a classroom.

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STOP Room Training

Developed and refined for over a decade, the STOP (Structured Time Out Procedure) Room is an alternative to suspension, detention, and exclusionary time-out fueled by behavioral science. Developed and evolved over 5 years, the STOP room, when added as a process to systems grounded in positive behavior support, has resulted in up to a 92% reduction in out-of-school suspensions and a 97% reduction in student removal from classrooms in Title I schools.  Participants in the STOP Room training will be taught scientific behavioral principles, physical setup of the STOP Room, how to use virtual timers, data entry procedures, self-monitoring procedures, procedures for managing off-task behavior, and how to leverage data to improve performance in a way that improves behavior and reduces student removal from classroom across the school.

Values-based Behavior Systems Analysis & Performance Engineering

In this analysis and planning session, participants will be walked through key processes for assessing values and current behavioral systems structures as they relate to measuring and positively increasing behavior and performance to achieve goals. As part of these sessions, participants will be coached through identifying key results and using a values-based results-behavior alignment map to pinpoint and align critical behaviors required to produce important educational outcomes.


Best-selling authors Dr. Paul “Paulie” Gavoni, Anika Costa, and Matt Cicoria deliver authentic and high-energy keynote presentations. With a combined 65 years plus of serving educators and students, their unique perspectives as both educators and behavior scientists challenge district, school, and classroom leaders to rethink their approaches to building sustainable and positive cultures characterized by high retention, low incidents of misbehavior, and high rates of student achievement.

Paulie, Anika, and Matt believe in this immutable truth: To help every student reach their potential, we must help each educator reach theirs. As such, their approach, rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis and organizational behavior science focuses on bringing out the best in the classroom and school leaders so they can bring out the best in the students they serve.

Widely regarded as the go-to source on behavioral consultation in schools, they are sought-out speakers across the nation.