Empowering Change: Motivational Interviewing for Behavioral Consultants

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Empowering Change: Motivational Interviewing for Behavioral Consultants
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The “Empowering Change: Motivational Interviewing for Education Consultants” is a comprehensive online course designed to equip consultants in the field of education with effective communication and counseling skills based on the principles of motivational interviewing.

Motivational interviewing is a collaborative, goal-oriented approach that encourages individuals to explore and resolve ambivalence toward change. In an educational context, this technique can be particularly valuable for consultants working with students, parents, and educators to address various challenges and promote positive behavioral change.

Throughout this course, participants will gain a solid foundation in the theory, techniques, and applications of motivational interviewing. They will learn how to establish rapport, engage in active listening, and ask open-ended questions to facilitate meaningful conversations that inspire self-reflection and motivation. Additionally, participants will acquire skills in identifying and addressing resistance, enhancing self-efficacy, and developing personalized action plans.

Key Course Topics

  1. Introduction to motivational interviewing: Understanding the core principles and theories.
  2. Building an alliance: Establishing trust, empathy, and rapport with clients.
  3. Effective communication skills: Active listening, open-ended questions, and reflective listening.
  4. Evoking change talk: Encouraging individuals to express their desires, concerns, and motivations.
  5. Resolving ambivalence: Techniques for exploring and addressing resistance to change.
  6. Strengthening self-efficacy: Empowering individuals to believe in their ability to succeed.
  7. Goal setting and action planning: Collaboratively developing and implementing personalized plans.
  8. Applying motivational interviewing in educational settings: Addressing specific challenges and scenarios.

Course Benefits

By completing this course, behavioral consultants will enhance their ability to effectively engage and motivate individuals within the educational setting. Participants will develop a greater understanding of human behavior change, gain valuable communication skills, and acquire practical techniques to address challenges and facilitate positive outcomes. Ultimately, this course will empower behavioral consultants to create lasting change and improve the educational experiences of their clients.

Suggested Prerequisites: Ready, Set, Consult! It is suitable for behavioral consultants in education at all levels of experience who are interested in engaging in meaningful behavioral change.

Certificate: Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement, demonstrating their understanding and application of motivational interviewing principles in an educational context.

Join us on this transformative journey to become a more effective behavioral consultant through the power of motivational interviewing. Enroll in the “Empowering Change” course today and inspire positive change in the lives of students, parents, and educators.

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